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A summer vacation in Austria

For adventure sports enthusiasts, the ultimate kick: the Alps are not only a natural museum and outdoor fitness center, but also a gigantic adventure playground. No matter whether on land, in the water or in the air – and also no matter how brave you are. Because from geocaching, climbing and canyoning as well as motocross, mountain cart and Segway to rafting, kayaking, tubing, white water stand up paddling and paragliding,

Tandem flying and hot air balloon rides there are offers for different risk levels. In winter, the offer ranges from racing bobsleigh and snowmobiling to ice climbing. Advice and organization is provided by Sonnhof in close cooperation with experienced professionals who can precisely assess your and your own limits. Take on new challenges with the best protection and look forward to a tingling pleasure.

  • Competent full-service organization and consulting by specialists
  • Easy booking at the reception with only a few days notice
  • almost all classic adventure sports are possible in the area
Raft, Canyon, Sky

For sports adventures with a guide, we swear by the professionals from Pleasure Elements. The team from St. Johann knows the region like the back of its hand and knows how to bring the thrill of extreme sports to ordinary mortals. With the guys, you can choose from the range without worry or restriction – none of the adventures will overwhelm you. Provided the guys give the green light after the consultation. For more info on the Canyon, Raft and Sky focuses and all prices, visit the website.

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In the province of Salzburg there are several high ropes courses of varying degrees of difficulty. A visit to the high ropes course offers not only the fun of movement at airy heights, but also the opportunity to put one’s motor skills to the test. In every high ropes course, personal instruction and equipment as well as coaching during climbing are included. During climbing, you are also secured at all times. All high ropes courses in Salzburger Land are integrated into the natural landscape. Trained guides ensure safety.

Archery - Active Meditation

THE secret tip for idlers: Surrounded by the deep peace of the forest, body control, calmness and concentration can be perfected particularly effectively in archery. This sport is a great thing for the restless, because aiming and consciously letting go is an extremely relaxing exercise. So don’t overvalue the hunting aspect. Rather enjoy the unity of body and mind on the “way of the bow”. All you need for the Bogenpark Alpendorf is sturdy shoes. To get started, you will receive loaner bows and a training session including various shooting techniques. Then it’s off on a course with 14 secured stations where various life-size rubber game animals can be shot. On the way, the healthy forest air and quite a few nature scenes invite you to take a deep breath.

to the bowhunting Alpendorf

26.05.2023 – 30.11.23

"THE LONGER, THE BETTER"-Bonus with superb cuisine

from € 454,– per person

We sponsor your vacation appetite and offer you better conditions the longer you stay....

26.05.2023 – 30.11.23

"THE LONGER, THE BETTER"-Bonus with superb cuisine

from € 598,– per person

We sponsor your vacation appetite and offer you better conditions the longer you stay....

08.01.2023 – 10.04.23

Midweek skiing fun

from € 662,– per person

Treat yourself to the luxury of empty slopes on your doorstep and join us during the week for a few heavenly days!