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Anyone who has ever been to Austria will not have failed to notice that Dionysian joie de vivre is a cultural asset that is cultivated with great care. We do not exclude ourselves from this. Accordingly, we attach great importance to a drinks menu that is a pleasure to drink. That’s why all of our drinks are either homemade with love or selected with love. This starts with our tea and coffee specialties, continues with homemade lemonades, selected beer specialties, up to the best long drink classics, crisp cocktails, wonderful Austrian schnapps and ends with an excellently maintained wine cellar

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Wine& Co

In our drinks & wine list you will find, quite exceptionally, not only the noblest drops, that the Austrian winemaking elite has to offer, but also many wonderful country wines that are simply unbeatable as refreshment after skiing, hiking, biking or golfing. In addition, you can enjoy selected champagnes and interesting drops from all over the world. One thing is certain, it will be our pleasure to toast with you – no matter what.

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Vines Rock'n Roll

In our new Weinladl you have the opportunity once a week to get acquainted with the Austrian art of winemaking in a lively moderated tasting in a sonnhof kind of way.

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Gin Tasting

As you know, the Sonnhof offers you plenty of opportunities to break out of the habit. One of them is our Gin Tasting Set. The joke is: Instead of ordering a banal gin and tonic as usual, you can use this set to organize a small test festival and find out for yourself how cucumber, nutmeg or pepper affect the gin taste.

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Those who need a freshness kick and don’t want to do without vitamins should try the homemade Sonnhof sodas. Those who don’t want to do without them in the evening: with a shot, they become aromatic cocktails – without the usual pile of refined sugar. Voilá our limo stars:

  • Cucumber
  • Lavender
  • Apple
  • Watermelon
The Sonnhof Add-On's

Vacation but please with cream! If you go on vacation with this attitude, you will find our sweets irresistible! How about doing everything you spontaneously feel like doing? All the special experiences that are possible here in Salzburger Land, if only you had access? Voilà: Here’s a taste already!