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Everything can, nothing must.

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Everything can, nothing must.

Everything can, nothing must.

Everything can, nothing must.

Everything can, nothing must.

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The Sonnhof, an oasis of idleness. Here you will find an ambience that is both stimulating and relaxing. A small paradise full of possibilities to tailor your vacation to your needs in every detail according to the modular principle. Every day new and every day different. Whether you want to let off steam, indulge in sensual experiences, do something for your mind or simply do nothing at all? That is up to you. Either way, there are almost limitless options open to you, everything is effortlessly doable.

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There is nothing more beautiful than the snow-dampened Winter Wonderland here in the mountains. One would love to let one’s gaze rest forever on the white expanses and send breath clouds into the sky. Of course, you can’t. There is so much more happiness to feel. Decelerated or full throttle, in untouched nature or on the slopes, alone or with us – or even at home in the Sonnhof. Enjoy it and let this uncontrolled laughter out quietly. This is the normal intoxication of snow.

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Enjoy life to the full 24/7. Doesn’t usually work at home, but it does here at Sonnhof Alpendorf. We invite you: to a truly relaxing break. Creative laziness. Being idle. Here, as in all areas of the hotel, “everything can, nothing must” applies.

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Soft or hardcore? Best both. As a ski-in/ski-out hotel, the Sonnhof undoubtedly offers Olympic winter sports conditions. But that doesn’t mean that there aren’t temptations away from competitive sports that you should definitely give in to.

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All Sonnhof Inclusives Services are included in our offers!

25.11.2022 – 24.12.22

X-MAS "Warm up"

from € 293,– per person

Experience a wonderfully cozy Advent in the mountains and enjoy completely relaxed towards Christmas Eve.

08.01.2023 – 18.04.23

Midweek skiing fun

from € 662,– per person

Treat yourself to the luxury of empty slopes on your doorstep and join us during the week for a few heavenly days!

08.01.2023 – 18.04.23

Ski & Gourmet

from € 787,– per person

Exercise and feast by all the rules of the art. The Sonnhof makes it possible!