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Höllwart hotels

we are family

We have always had a sense of family, but in the future family means the world to us. The reason for this is A. that we are meeting more and more like-minded sisters & brothers with Höllwart’s hotel philosophy. B. that our three children are taking the helm so impressively confidently. And C: That with Haven Mountain Retreat we have had yet another hotel offspring. We are extremely happy about all this and thank our extended family of guests, children, friends and partners with a winter season that gives everyone back a large portion of joy and confirmation.

Höllwart Spirit high 3

From the heart personal hospitality, upscale Austrian lifestyle and “vacation by design” experiences can not be enough. That’s why the Höllwart hotel family also consists of three houses. Each completely different and yet familiar.


Serviced apartments for those who want maximum self-determination & freedom on a high comfort level during their vacation.

Family hotel for couples, single parents & families who appreciate casual togetherness & creative experiential offerings.

Must-visit hotel for adults who want to arrive at themselves with pleasure.

here we are

Coming soon: Höllwart people – our new board for all matters concerning our team.