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Facial treatments

Much more than just a treat.

No question, such a facial is wonderfully relaxing. The spectacular thing is that it is much more than that. In countries like France, such treatments are already part of standard body hygiene in adolescence. De facto, the so-called “facials” can do quite a few things. They cleanse the skin’s surface, purify the tissue, stimulate circulation, smooth fine lines and wrinkles, and sharpen contours. And by the way, the treatment is a deeply relaxing treat. That’s why – whether at home

or on vacation: We warmly recommend facials for the soul and for a well-groomed, confident appearance. Not least because of this, you have a free choice between many facials with a wide variety of focuses. What’s more, you can combine individual treatments to create a real cure with a cosmetic finish. Either way, our Leonora will be happy to assist you in word and deed.

Method Team Dr. Joseph

Gets deep under the skin.

Based on scientific knowledge and your skin needs, the TEAM DR JOSEPH manual treatment method starts in the depth of the tissue. Following the natural functional laws, the skin metabolism is brought into balance: calming of the nervous system, relaxation of facial expressions, harmony of the flow equilibrium, normalization of the microcirculation with the goal of caring for and maintaining your holistic skin feeling, your skin health and your incomparable beauty. Experience for yourself the individual beauty care according to the method of TEAM DR JOSEPH: pureness. recreation. protection.

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TEAM DR JOSEPH care products cover the many individual needs of different skin types. Therefore, we recommend these pampering minutes. After the skin analysis of our beauticians, the appropriate products are used and thus the best result is achieved.

  • TASTER TREATMENT Taster treatment

Euro 55 (30 min.)


Euro 89 (50 min.)


Euro 89 (50 min.)


Euro 120 (80 min.)


This intensive treatment makes your face look plumper, smoother and fresher. The active ingredients are brought deeper into the skin by means of ultrasound.

Euro 105 (50 min.)


Effective pampering program for relaxing facial muscles, firming connective tissue and tightening the skin.

Euro 45 (25 min.)

*INCLUSIVE SERUM with special active ingredient concentrate
Aufpreis Euro 9


Gentle massage to stimulate the flow of lymph. Swelling and skin irritations subside faster and the skin becomes smoother and firmer.

Euro 45 (25min.)

Method !QMS Medi Cosmetics

You can’t get more effective than that.

Skin care is not a question of age. The best guarantee for beautiful skin is an effective care system. From essential cleansing to skin-improving applications and the use of lasting moisturizers for the finishing touch, the !QMS Medicosmetics face and body care collection offers everything for a young and healthy complexion. !QMS Medicosmetics – A rejuvenating skin care system for men and women of all ages, combining revolutionary techniques with the highest quality active ingredients.

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An immediately revitalizing facial treatment with a feel-good effect. By means of innovative technology and as a result of the supply of active ingredients, the skin is regenerated and it appears fresh, toned and radiant.

Euro 99 (60 min.)


A modified anti-aging treatment with the unique !QMS Medicosmetics Collagen System for the highest demands. The skin is first prepared with Deep Cleansing and Exfoliant Fluid for the subsequent algae modelling. This is followed by a significant increase in the skin’s moisture content through the application of 70% naturally soluble collagens, which intensively hydrate the skin and promote cell renewal. A treatment specifically designed to rejuvenate and revitalize the skin’s appearance. Also perfectly suitable for sensitive skin.

Euro 135 (90 min.)


The ideal facial treatment and perfect therapy for dull and stressed skin with instant effect. With the highly revitalizing SK Alpha Mask as a base, microcirculation is effectively stimulated and the skin virtually glows. An excellent preparation for special occasions.

Euro 120 (80 min.)


Designed to strengthen and regenerate mature skin, this treatment has a lifting and firming effect on tired and sagging skin. The skin structure appears visually refined and revitalized. QMS’ Neck & More is designed to tighten the contours of the neck and décolleté and to counteract the loss of elasticity due to skin aging.

Euro 145 (90 min.)


A treatment specially designed for the eye area, which smoothes fine lines and reduces wrinkles. The tissue is decongested and relaxed!

Euro 30 (15 Min.)

Perfect as a complement to any facial treatment – extra charge Euro 29

Depending on whether you have an acute tension, want to pamper yourself a bit spontaneously or want to get your treatments under wraps before you go on vacation: Our Spa Menu is your 24/7 wellness advisor.

Es ist als Download sowie als Broschüre erhältlich und enthält alle notwendigen Informationen zu Zweck, Inhalt, Dauer und Preis jeder unserer Behandlungen. Sollten Sie noch unsicher sein, dann lassen Sie sich doch unverbindlich von unserem Spa Team beraten.

You can book quite easily at the reception or via our experience app. By the way: Regular guests should not forget that they can also pay with suns.

By the way: Our cabin products from TEAM DR: JOSEPH and !QMS are also available to take away with us. The price list is also available as a download and insert in the spa menu.

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  • Mani- & Pediküre

Spa manicure- Euro 55
Spa pedicure – Euro 70

Luxus manicure- Euro 77
Luxus pedicure – Euro 92
with peeling & kerosene pack

mit Lack – Euro 15

  • Eyes

Dye eyelashes – Euro 18
Eyebrows dye – Euro 15
Eyebrows facialize – Euro 15

  • MAKE-UP by Horst Kirchberger

Day make up – Euro 35
Evening makeup – Euro 45
Make-up consultation – Euro 29

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