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Alpine wellness massages

Classic and special

In our alpine wellness massages, targeted grip techniques provide a new body sensation. They are individually adapted to your needs in terms of intensity and focus and are as powerful as they are soothing.

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Getting hands-on can be so gratifying. One example is good massages, which people treat themselves to far too rarely. That is why we have included a whole range of good massages in our program. They cover the entire range of needs that our guests classically have.

There are gentle or vigorous, focused or whole-body, indigenous or exotic treatments for ailments, preventive health or detoxification. Here you have the leisure to fully engage in it and benefit from it.

Spa massages & rituals

From all over the world

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  • CLASSIC MASSAGE with aromatic oil

These classics are also ideal in combination for athletes who want to challenge their entire musculoskeletal system and also regenerate accordingly.

Partial body Euro 45 (25 min.)
Full body Euro 75 (50 min.)
Head-shoulder-neck Euro 80 (50 min.)
foot reflexology Euro 45 (25 min.)


Gentle massage to relieve and improve lymph flow. Drains, detoxifies, purifies and increases the body’s own defenses.

Partial body Euro 48 (25 min.) | Full body Euro 80 (50 min.)


This hot stone massage is a shamanistic massage method with warm natural stones and aromatic oil, which has a particularly beneficial effect on the vegetative nervous system.

Partial body Euro 48 (25 min.) | Full body Euro 90 (50 min.)


In this combination of heat and massage, your skin is moisturized and revitalized by the warm, skin-caring wax with coconut oil and other valuable ingredients.

Partial body Euro 51 (25 min.) | Full body Euro 82 (50 min.)


Strokes, taps and various massage strokes relieve tension and congestion in the legs and feet. This has a regulating effect on the whole body.

Euro 79 (50 min.)

  • DORSALIS – The demanding back program

This intensive back treatment uses classical massage techniques as well as singing bowls and cupping glasses to release blockages as well as tension and improve spinal dynamics.

Euro 90 (50 min.)


Lomi-Lomi Nui is a very gentle traditional healing massage from Hawaii, which guarantees intensive regeneration with Aloha spirit and brings body, mind and soul into harmony.

CLASSIC Euro 110 (60 min.) | XXL Euro 158 (90 min.)


Ayurveda is the oldest holistic healing art of mankind. Massages play a central role in it and serve to balance and eliminate toxins. Warm sesame oil and stroking movements are used to work on the joints and perform targeted stretches. This relaxes and makes you feel more vital.

WHOLE BODY Euro 110 (60 min.) | PART BODY Euro 59 (30 Min.)


Pulsing” is a holistic therapy that brings body, mind and soul back to the healing basic rhythm of all life. In this way, every cell of the body is invited to “dance” and immerse itself in the round dance of health, well-being and fullness of life.

Euro 65 (30 min.)

  • LOMI HAPAI – For mothers to be

Lomi Hapai is a very gentle stroking massage for pregnant women from 4 months of age, administered mainly in the lateral position. It prepares for a relaxed birth and gives the unborn child and the mother a deep feeling of security and connection.

Euro 115 (60 min.)


Pure chakra oils, energetic massage strokes and the targeted use of gemstones on your energy centers balance body and mind and bring deep well-being.

Euro 85 (50 min.)

Depending on whether you have an acute tension, want to pamper yourself a bit spontaneously or want to get your treatments under wraps before you go on vacation: Our Spa Menu is your 24/7 wellness advisor.

It is available as a download as well as a brochure and contains all the necessary information on the purpose, content, duration and price of each of our treatments. If you are still unsure, then let our spa team advise you without obligation.

You can book quite easily at the reception or via our experience app. By the way: Regular guests should not forget that they can also pay with our loyality programm (collected suns.

Another by the way: Our cabin products from TEAM DR: JOSEPH and !QMS are also available to take away with us.